In the beginning

From the time I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with fashion and design. My mother dressed elegantly (and still does!) and it inspired me to pursue fashion as not just a hobby, but an art.

In fact, I think of fashion design as being, in many ways, similar to architecture —another passion of mine ( and what I plan to continue a master’s degree in when my kids are a little older).

When created with skill, emotional intelligence and an empathy for the people who’ll wear the clothes or inhabit the building, both fashion and architecture make statements and celebrate beauty. Both are visual, of course; but both have a lot more going on than simply what meets our eyes.

What I mean is: The subtext or “back-story” of art is what can make it so compelling.

How this journey began

My online boutique began, as some of the best businesses often do, as a hobby.

When I’d return from traveling to fashion shows in the United States and Europe, I’d host parties for my friends and show and share my “finds”—haute couture, beautiful vintage apparel and accessories I’d sometimes hunted down and frequently purchased for much more affordable prices than one might expect.

At some point, my friends said if I created an online store, they (and others) could follow my fashion adventures and also buy some of the clothes I modeled on the site. The StyleSpin.com was born—and soon thereafter, my Instagram blog (@chrisacut).

The last time we checked, I was thrilled to learn that @chrisacut has more 10,000 followers (and counting!).

And now

The business and fashion media are starting to pay more attention to specialty stores like TheStyleSpin.com.

I was recently interviewed for a two-part online column by the California capital outlet ofAmerican City Business Journals, and for its print edition as well. I’m appearing on talk and entertainment shows and, as they say, expanding my brand—thanks to you.

So whether I’m at Fashion Week in Paris—or at exclusive shows in Milan, New York or Los Angeles—I’m always thinking about how what I see (and buy) can help put an extra spark in someone’s life. Fashion is art. Fashion is design.  And mostly, as I’m sure you agree, fashion is fun.

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